Why Hire LegalNinja, LLC or Brevard Consumer Law Center?

Central Florida Bankruptcy and Consumer Rights Attorneys

Why do so many Florida residents come to LegalNinja, LLC when they are seeking out a consumer lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer in Volusia or Brevard County? We have a long record of success despite doing things a little differently than other law firms. LegalNinja, LLC works with other talented consumer attorneys in the state to ensure that ego, greed, novelty and case complexity do not get in the way of competent representation.Our clients appreciate our creative approach. If you are looking for quality counsel that understands your situation from personal experience and respects your situation and time, choose to work with us at LegalNinja, LLC and the lawyers with whom we collaborate, including George M. Gingo, P.A.

Benefit from Our Intense Attention to Detail

One of the first qualities to look for in a bankruptcy attorney or consumer lawyer is an intense attention to detail. We extensively focus on the parameters of your situation in order to help you determine the options that suit your needs. Our willingness to embrace the full complexity of the law and your situation allows us to find every detail needed to effectively handle your bankruptcy matter. When you hire our firm, you can have peace of mind in knowing that we have handled many cases similar to yours and have achieved tremendous results due to our unique and creative approach.

Clients continue to hire us at LegalNinja, LLC because we offer:

  • Availability 7 days a week (by appointment only)
  • Payment plan options for non-contingency cases
  • Personal attention and communication directly from your lawyer
  • Free initial consultation for consumer and bankruptcy cases
  • Creative thinking

Find Your Brevard County Bankruptcy Attorney at LegalNinja, LLC and Brevard Consumer Law Center

The sooner you initiate the bankruptcy or litigation process, the better. Make sure that you have the representation you need to navigate the process successfully. At LegalNinja, LLC and Brevard Consumer Law Center, we are happy to offer you an in-person consultation to begin exploring the details of your situation.

We are ready to provide you the legal assistance you need to help you reach the resolution you need. We understand that living life worried about debt is difficult. Allow us to help you remove some of the strain and stress associated with debt and explain your bankruptcy options or consumer rights enforcement options. Contact our firm today to begin.