I am a consumer lawyer with over 10 years of legal experience. I am familiar with the numerous methods debt collectors and creditors use to collect debts as well as the options that are available to my clients to protect them from creditor abuses and the burdens of debilitating debt. I work with my clients to help them recognize when their consumer rights are being violated and what to do when those rights are being violated. I also make sure my clients understand that they can hire an attorney to help protect their rights without having to pay attorney fees up front.

I practice consumer law because I care about helping people regain control over their financial future and their self-confidence. We've all know someone who has been traumatized by debt collection calls and mortgage servicing abuses. We have the tools and we as consumers have a duty to use them to fight back. Collectively, we can protect our children and our grandchildren from abusive consumer practices by making it unprofitable for creditors and debt collectors to violate consumer laws.

I have seen first-hand the damage caused by financial hardship. I filed for personal bankruptcy protection in 2009, after my first business start-up attempt failed. I was humiliated and scared. I felt I had nowhere to turn. I could not sleep, eat, or enjoy life. I didn’t answer phone calls, open mail, or answer the door for fear I would have to again admit my failure to another unsympathetic debt collector. I know that when you feel that your financial future is up in the air, you want to know the truth about your options and you want to know you can trust the person who is going to help you through your financial crisis. Do not hesitate to place your trust in our hands, as we have the experience and compassion to help you achieve a just result.

Catherine's Curriculum Vitae