Need Help Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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Chapter 13 is an important consumer protection that has helped countless individuals and families alleviate the burden of mounting debts, second mortgages, and loan modification problems. If you owe more than you can pay back, even if you have high income or assets, contact our Volusia County bankruptcy attorney at LegalNinja, LLC at your earliest convenience. We serve clients from throughout Florida, including in Port St. John and Cocoa, and we have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in their bankruptcy needs. We can help you determine if Chapter 13 is the right type of bankruptcy for you and help you file the necessary paperwork.

How does Chapter 13 work?

Chapter 13 is also sometimes called reorganizational bankruptcy because it effectively restructures your debt and locks you into a 36 month or 60 month repayment plan. You will pay back some or all of what you owe, but you are granted more time to do it, often at a lower interest rate. You are also afforded certain other protections by the court. You still have to pay back the money you owe, but you are granted more time to do it, and afforded certain protections by the court. For many, this is an effective way to slow down a tidal wave of debt and work their way back towards financial stability.

Chapter 13 differs from Chapter 7 because it doesn't require the liquidation of assets and it doesn't pay off the debts for you but it pays off the debts you owe based upon your ability to pay over a specified period of time. It sets up a more structured, agreed upon payment plan between you and the creditors you owe, allowing you to make your monthly installment payments more affordable and often paying credit card debts pennies on the dollar. We can assist you in all of your needs from start to finish, and we can assist you in life after bankruptcy.

When you choose to work with our firm to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can benefit from:

  • Initial case evaluations
  • Intense focus and attention to detail
  • Creative thinking and legal fluency
  • Affordable payment plans
  • Consistent availability 7 days a week

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Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a smart step to take, but the process can take a while to complete. This is why it is always better to file sooner rather than later. Contact our firm and we will begin working on your case as soon as possible. We believe that nobody should have to deal with the burden of monetary debt, and we are here to help you make things easier in your life.