Fair Credit Reporting Act

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If your credit report contains inaccurate information that is hurting your ability to buy things on credit, contact our Volusia County bankruptcy lawyer at LegalNinja, LLC. The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides an effective civil remedy for consumers that have been misrepresented by unscrupulous creditors. We are very familiar with this area of the law, and after 10 years of helping Florida residents restore their financial dignity, we know how to make the process work for you.

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Consumer Protection You Deserve

Finding mistakes on your credit report is more common than you think. What's worse is that this fraudulent information can be used against you. You might be in excellent financial standing, but because of mistakes that are no fault of you own, you can be denied a loan to purchase a house, a car, or to start a business. We have experience with situations like this, and we provide you with the counsel you need to find the root of the problem and reach a favorable solution.

You should be concerned about fair credit reporting when:

  • Someone viewed your credit report without your permission
  • Your credit report contains inaccurate information
  • Your identity has been stolen
  • Your credit report contains obsolete information
  • Someone else's data appears on your credit report

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Don't let your credit report misrepresent you any longer. Contact our Brevard County bankruptcy attorney at LegalNinja, LLC, and take back control of your financial identity. Our team works closely with every client and designs a personalized approach around the specifics of every case. We proudly offer prospective clients an in-person case evaluation, so we can fully understand the details of your situation from start to finish.