Need Help Dealing With a Car Dealer or Reposession?

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An automobile is an important consumer purchase and car dealers are fully aware of how to take advantage of your excitement at buying a new car to manipulate you to buy a car you don't want or can't afford, to agree to predatory or deceptive loan terms, or to purchase expensive and often unecessary add-on services from dealer affiliates. If you recently purchased a new or used car or lost your car to a repossession or voluntary surrender, contact one of our Brevard County consumer protection attorneys at LegalNinja, LLC at your earliest convenience. We can help you determine whether you were a victim of unlawful or deceptive car dealer or lender practices.

What are common car dealer fraudulent practices:

  • Defective automobile (lemon, undisclosed damage, fleet vehicle)
  • Odometer tampering
  • Yo-yo or spot delivery ("bring the car back because the loan did not go through")
  • Co-signor and straw buyer scams
  • Forced warranty scams
  • Dealer prep fee scams
  • Payoff "no matter what you owe" scams
  • Financing fraud (pricing, interest rate and finance charge disclosures, credit eligibility)
  • Buy-here, Pay-here scams ("no money down" and "zero interest financing")
  • Revolving repossessions and equity theft
  • Bait and switch advertising
  • Buyer Order/Winder Sticker scams

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Enforcing your rights related to a car purchase and finance transaction is a complicated and time-sensitive process. This is why it is always better to consult a consumer rights attorney sooner rather than later. Contact our office and we will begin working on your case as soon as possible. We believe that car dealers will continue defrauding consumers on a regular basis until they are routinely held accountable for their deceptive practices. We are here to help you protect your rights.